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Welcome To Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen's NEW Volunteer Log!

Thank you for volunteering your time at RMAE! 

Our school is founded on a strong volunteer base, providing our students and staff with the support they need to make our school a great place. As part of our school charter, each family should be working toward 60 hours of volunteer time per school year.  The simple act of logging your volunteer hours not only helps us show that we are meeting our school charter requirements, it translates into increased grant opportunities to improve our school! 

Your time is very much appreciated. 

We hope this new system proves to be easy and simple to use. As with any new program, we are anticipating a few glitches, please let us know if you do encounter any problems. We very much appreciate your patience and support as we try to make logging your hours as easy as possible.

There are two easy ways to log your hours. 

1.  Click on the time you would like to log from the scrolling menu on the left of this page.  Choose the date you would like to enter from the drop menu.  Then choose the event that you are logging hours for (ie. meetings) from the "task" menu and the rest will auto populate. Click the volunteer button and you are done!   PLEASE IGNORE THE TIME SLOT... it does not apply to our school log. 

2.  Go to the calendar page and choose the date and time that you volunteered.  Choose the area in which you volunteered (ie. meetings) from the "task" menu and the rest will auto populate.  Click the "volunteer" button and you are done!  PLEASE IGNORE THE TIME SLOT....it does not apply to our school log.


Please see the descriptions of the tasks to find out what category to log your hours under:

Board Member Duties:

Any RMAE Board Member duty for PTO, BOD, SAC and Foundation

Box Tops:

Clip them and send them in!  It's an easy way to earn money for the school.

Campus Help and Maintenance: 

Any hours spent fixing up, SHOVELING, or beautifying our school.

Classroom Coordinator Duties:

Any hours spent working as a class coordinator.

Classroom Volunteers:

Any in class room help including parties and field trips.

Fundraising Events:

This category includes participation in any school fundraising activity:  The Blue Grass Festival, Night of the Arts, Middle School Pizza, Middle School Snack Shack, Auctions, Movies With Teachers, etc., etc., etc.

Home Help:

Time spent at home doing projects for teachers or administrators.


Any RMAE meeting including PTO, BOD, SAC, Foundation, Back to School Night, Parent / Teacher Conferences and Director's Coffee.

PTO Special Events:

Any help with PTO Events such as the Ice Cream Social, Staff Appreciation, Go Orange, Trunk or Treat, Senior Resource Day, Community Service Day, etc., etc.,

Subcommittee and Chair Positions:

Any RMAE subcommittee or chair position duties including PTO, BOD, SAC, and Foundation