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The RMAE Volunteer log is mananged by the PTO.  Please contact Mary Houlihan (mary_houlihan@hotmail.com) with any questions or concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Why did RMAE PTO choose PTO Manager Software?

PTO Manager is part of a bigger software program called PTO Today.  PTO Today offers support with not only volunteer management, but also fundraising, finance and insurance.  This was the most cost effective software program that we could find to meet all of our PTO needs.

2.  Why did it take so long to get this program up and running?

Because this software program is more than only a volunteer log, it took us a great deal of time to configure the volunteer portion to meet our school's unique need to log volunteer hours.  The PTO board members spent several hours working on this program and on phone calls /trainings with PTO Today's programmers and specialists. There were many mistakes along way, but in the end we hope that we came up with a system that will work for everyone.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers too!

3.  How do I log my hours?

Once you are on the PTO Manager home page, there are two easy ways to log your time.  

A.  From the PTO Manager home page, simply hover over the scrolling hour amount that you would like to log, choose a date from the drop down menu, pick a task (ie. in class volunteer) from the drop down menu, and hit the volunteer button.  You are done!

B. From the PTO Manager home page, click on the calendar tab and choose the day that you would like to log volunteer time.  From there, choose the hour (event) that you are logging and the task (ie. in class volunteer). Hit the volunteer tab and you are done!

4.  Can I see how many total hours I have volunteered?

Yes!  From the home page, click on the "my info" tab.  From there, click on the "my hours" tab.   Hit the search button (you do NOT need to fill our the event or date range) and the hours that you have logged will be listed.  

5.  Can I volunteer twice in the same area (ie. in class volunteer) in the same day?

No. You can only log one time in each "task" a day.  If you need to log more than once, please put your additional hours in another task.  

6.  Can I log more than 6 hours a day?

A super long board meeting?  No problem!  Please log the first 6 hours in the most appropriate category (task), the rest can be logged under "other."

7.  Why is there a time slot when I don't need to fill it in?

This is a feature of the PTO Today / Volunteer Manager software that we are unable to delete.  Please ignore it!

8.  Are there any events that will be automatically logged for me?

Yes!  Grocery Cards and Campus Clean Up Day will be logged automatically.  Any other volunteer time prior to today's date (9/16/16) will need to be entered.